About Wildnwassy.com

What is Wildnwassy.com?

Wildnwassy.com is a streaming service of pornographic videos and images which allow its users to create a social environment by creating groups, adding friends and sending private messages.

Is there a charge to use Wildnwassy.com?

There is no charge to use Wildnwassy.com. It is absolutely free. However, if you decide to download the extended videos from the source, charges would be incurred.

What social settings are available?

Wildnwassy.com allows for social interaction by allowing users to create groups and invite friendship request.

How can I initiate a friend request?

To initiate a friend request, click on the Members tab in the main menu. There you would see a list of active members. Simply search/click the Add Friend link. When this occurs, a friendship invitation is sent to member and he/she has the option of accepting or rejecting the friendship request.

How can I create a Group

To create a group click Group>>>>Create Group. Follow the prompts to modify and populate your group.

Uploading Media

Can I upload my own images and movies?

Yes! Wildnwassy.com allows for the uploading of images and movies. The file types are specified in the upload window. Be certain that you are the owner of any material that you submit or that you have the consent of the owner of the media before you upload.

How do I submit a video?

Submitting a video can be done by individuals or group members. When submitting a video as part of a group, the privacy tab is available.

  1. To submit a single individual video, click on the Submit a Video link on the top bar.
  2. To submit as part of a a group, it is best to use Profile>>Gallery>>>Create Gallery where you would have the option to make your submission private or not.
How do I create an image gallery?

To create an image gallery you need to be a registered and logged in user. Then click on the Profile tab>>>Gallery>>>Create Gallery.

Who can see my Gallery?

By default the Gallery tab is set to public. However, you have the option of changing that either before or after it is created by selecting Private from the drop down tab.